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    Starting Korean-Lesson 2-Numbers!!123...

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    Starting Korean-Lesson 2-Numbers!!123... Empty Starting Korean-Lesson 2-Numbers!!123...

    Post  sjchung94 on Sun Jun 28, 2009 12:07 am

    Numbers are kind of easy...it's like Chinese...
    one-일 pronounced "ill" or 하나 pronounced "hana"
    two-이 pronounced "yee" or 둘 pronounced "duul"
    three-삼 pronounced "sahm" or 셋 pronounced "set"
    four-사 pronounced "sah" or 넷 pronounced "net"
    five-오 pronounced "oh" or 다섯 pronounced "dah seot"
    six-육 pronounced "euk" or 여섯 pronounced "yeo seot"
    seven-칠 pronounced "chill" or 일곱 pronounced "ill gope"
    eight-팔 pronounced "pal" or 여덟 pronounced "yeo dulp"
    nine-구 pronounced "gu" or 아홉 pronounced "ah hope"
    ten-십 pronounced "sip" or 열 pronounced "yul"

    hundred-백 pronounced "baek"
    thousand-천 pronounced "cheon"
    ten thousand-만 pronounced "mahn"

    lol..열심히 하세요~(do ur best)

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